Everybodysmile Proofing Design and Hosting

Started in 1999 and is the forerunner to many of the UK online proofing companies in existence today.

We work with many different companies, from large event photographers and busy studios to recognised wedding photographers and portrait businesses across the UK and worldwide.

In the past 18 years we have had the pleasure of working with many familiar faces in the photographic industry and this has provided us with a wealth of experience to know that different photographers have different working methods and we’re happy to accommodate the flexibility that is often needed.

We have created the proofing and ecommerce system especially for photographers. It doesn’t work like standard shopping cart software which focuses on products rather than images and we don’t lease it from another company – everything is built, maintained and developed in-house for our customers.

When you sign-up to us you will deal with a team that has worked with the system for many years and can help you to work out what suits your website and style of business; whether this is handling all of your payment and fulfilment needs for you, providing complete portfolio websites or somewhere in between the two.

This also means that if there is something you want to incorporate for your own clients, you can just ask us and we’ll look into its development if we can’t provide it immediately. We don’t look after the websites for lots of other types of businesses, we don’t run a lab which brings it’s own separate demands, we work just with photographers to provide websites and client pages.

We know that there are many different circumstances for working photographers, for example, you may be dealing with clients during the day and uploads at night. Therefore, whilst we don’t provide ongoing telephone support day and night, you can email us at any time and we’ll always reply asap. If we need to chat, we’ll give you a call, but very often we deal by email as then there’s always information to refer back to if needed and you don’t need to be tied to your computer all the time!

If you have any questions about how the system itself works, please drop us a line.

JOHN DICK (1969 – 2004)


In 1999, he recognised the potential offered by the rapidly expanding internet and despite the failures of other dotcom companies at the time, he forged ahead with one of the country’s first on-line proofing systems.

John sadly passed away in February 2004, whilst attending the Photo Training Overseas conference in Lanzarote; having seen it as an ideal chance for a holiday whilst still being able to talk avidly about the business at every available opportunity.

Many of our photographers will have fond memories of John and his wife Julie and for as long as Everybodysmile continues, there is a studio, and indeed a customer, somewhere which is benefiting from the passion John had for this business.