Proof sheets, password generation, printing and image downloads provided in one simple solution.

Our schools system will provide you with everything you need from proof cards to printing combined into one easy to use process. Generate a downloadable proof PDF with images and passwords for printing by you which can then be passed back to the school.


You choose how your images are displayed upon successful entry of two passwords.

Our system can return a single image or a group of images depending on how you have chosen to configure a gallery.

If you provide a mini gallery per child, then you can display as many images as you want available via the matching combination of passwords, so this could include sibling or class images if required.

Some photographers only take 1 image of each pupil, and that’s no problem either.

You always upload for the whole school as 1 transfer – there’s no need to upload each pupil separately.

If you want to offer different products/prices for class & group images, this is easy to organise.


Allow our system to produce a simple proof card with passwords for you at the point of gallery creation.

We can produce downloadable proof cards containing a single child image plus gallery access and delivery information. The proof card can automatically drop in randomised, unique codes per child, so you do not have to rename any images.

These can then be printed by you and returned to the school for passing back to parents. Your logo will be added and the colour scheme adjusted to match your own styling. A URL back to your client area along with the system generated passwords will also be provided. The small, thumbnail image can also be watermarked to deter printing directly from the proof card.

Your own custom text and deadlines can be added and all proof cards are made available as an html or pdf download which you are then able to print yourself as soon as the gallery is live, so you can return proof cards to school the same day if needed.

If you need to add in a full price list, you can print this on the reverse of the sheets as you always set your own prices to suit any differing commission plans for each school/nursery.

You don’t need to send these to a lab for printing and wait for delivery, they are ready to print as soon as the images are in your account. All proof sheets are designed to print to A4 to allow easy printing and the sheets can then be easily spotted when sent home from school.

This format for proof cards is always free to use on all schools accounts.


If our standard proof card isn’t enough, we can produce a custom layout for you.

We appreciate that there may be times when you would like to include specific information and in these cases we can provide a bespoke proof card layout for you. This service would be subject to an agreed fee based on the work required.

Some photographers want to show more than 1 image per child, need the layout altered to suit a certain format or prefer a larger impact image. If you can send us a draft of the layout you have in mind, we’ll work with you to get this ready to use for your account.

Once you have paid a one-off fee for the design work, the sheets are ready to use as often as you want and you are not charged to use these every time you need to print them.

Custom proof cards for school photographers


We know that different photographers and studios have different ways of working, and many schools photographers are already set-up for handling high volumes of orders. This option allows you to manage when to involve a lab for any print orders and when you will print in-house as the order details are returned to you.

You can set details for single-image or multi-image packs, along with single reprint options, downloadable images or other gift items such as keyrings and mugs. You always decide the composition of packs and whether this is the same image provided across different sized images or if the parent can combine different images within 1 pack. This is makes it easier to organise any special pack combinations that might be requested by a school/nursery.

If you choose the self-fulfil option for your orders, we leave you to organise all printing, which lets you print orders in-house and just outsource specific products to keep your costs down if that suits. Downloadable images can be made available directly from our server, which cuts down on the number of orders you have to manage as the downloads are all automated via a link on the order confirmation email.

All prices are set by you – which means if you offer schools different levels of commission, you can easily set different price lists per school. You can also offer separate class, groups, sports galleries with a completely different set of products & pricing to your portrait work.

You can offer free delivery back to school, charge p&p for orders if you prefer to dispatch all orders directly to parents, or just set this as a late-order option. Some schools don’t want the bother of distributing orders, so you can agree this with the school and charge p&p for all orders or set products & prices which incorporate your delivery costs into the selling price of each item and then offer a very low or free p&p whilst knowing you are still covering your costs.

If you want us to cover the print orders for your schools work, we can do this through our usual print fulfilment service and in that case all orders will be posted directly to parents, they will not be returned to school. That allows you to upload images and then we handle all orders so you don’t have to do anything after you have added the images and handed out the proof sheets.