School and Graduation Image Sales

Proof sheets, password generation, printing and image
downloads provided in one simple solution.



Schools Image Sales and Proofing

Proof sheets, password generation, printing and image downloads provided in one simple solution.

Our schools system will provide you with everything you need from proof cards to printing combined into one easy to use process.  Generate a downloadable proof PDF with images and passwords for printing by you which can then be passed back to the school.

Single Images or Mini Galleries

You choose how your images are displayed upon successful entry of two passwords.

Our system can return a single image or a group of images depending on how you have chosen to configure a gallery.  You allocate the passwords at the point of upload into our system and then arrange yourself to pass this information back to the school or parents.


Proof Card & Password Creation

Allow our system to produce a basic proof card with passwords for you at the point of gallery creation.

We can produce downloadable proof cards containing a single child image plus gallery access and delivery information.  These can then be printed by you and returned the the school or parents.  Your logo will be added and the colour scheme adjusted to match your own styling.  A URL back to your client area along with the system generated passwords will also be provided. Your own custom text and deadlines can be added and all proof cards are made available as an html download which you are then able to print yourself onto photographic paper. The small, thumbnail image will also be watermarked to deter printing directly from the proof card.


Custom Proof Card Layouts

If our basic proof card isn’t enough, we can produce a custom layout for you.

We appreciate that there may be times when you would like to include product information and in these cases we can provide a bespoke proof card layout for you.  This service would be subject to an agreed fee based on the work required.

Where Next?

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