On Friday we will be releasing our latest system development which will allow for entire gallery downloads free of charge to your clients upon verification of their unique access key.  This will only be available to customers who use our ‘High Res’ storage facility and who have also been converted to use our very latest, responsive client pages.  This conversion is something that we would be happy to do for you, free of charge if requested.

Here is a brief summary of the process.

Step 1.

A new gallery is created with high resolution images stored on our servers.  During the creation of the gallery, you will be able to ‘switch on’ the ability to download all files based on an access key (fig 1).

Step 2.

The system will then generate a unique key for passing on to your clients and it will be possible to create up to 3 unique codes per gallery.

Step 3.

The client gallery pages will then display a ‘Download All’ icon (fig 3) for your clients to use which will be available until all of the unique access keys have been used.  At which point, this button will be removed to stop further downloads.

Step 4.

Your customers will be presented with a new window into which they enter their email address and access code and this will then be instantly verified against the codes stored.  A successful match will generate the message shown in the second image below whilst any invalid email addresses or mis-matched codes will be blocked.

Step 5.

An email will be sent to the address entered once the images have been prepared for download and provide a link that can be used once to obtain the images.

Step 6.

The admin system is then updated to reflect the download and the customer pages altered to remove the download button.