Justified Layout

We have completed work on a ‘justified’ layout option for the image ordering system.

  • A new area is available within your admin login that provides access to formatting options for the new layout.
  • Full screen cover images can now be set per gallery.
  • Improved navigation layout and styling, all of which can be controlled via your admin login.
  • Fixed size or proportional thumbnails on the section index pages.
  • Improved gallery search facility.
  • Improved pagination on section index pages.
  • Gallery thumbnails now displayed in fixed height rows with portrait and landscape shots sitting naturally next to each other to make best use of the available screen space.
  • Improved thumbnail page navigation with ‘load more’ page loading.
  • Modal windows used for all major functions (basket, favourites, enlargements etc).
  • Improved basket interface and navigation.
  • New fullscreen slideshow.
  • Auto-save favourites facility.

Please check-out our demo pages and if you’d like your own account switched to this style let us know.