Our products area is one of the most complex parts of our system due to the work we have put into it in order to make it as flexible as possible and to be able to cater for the wide range of product requests we have received over the years. With this flexibility comes a certain level of understanding required in order to get the most from it and this has proved a little daunting for some customers who just want to set-up the most basic product and price levels.

We have therefore introduced what we hope will be a far simpler way of organising products and prices and have called it ‘Campaigns’. This area will act as the the first port of call when creating new pricing structures and it will also remove the need for global updates when changing prices on existing galleries.

We hope that this will greatly improve the speed with which price updates can be applied and our testing and early customer feedback has all be very good.

This functionality is available as standard on all new account set-ups and can be implemented on all existing accounts following a conversion process. Please let us know if this is something that you would like us to change on your account and we will be working our way through all of our accounts to see who would most benefit from the change and will contact those accordingly.